Coach Training Courses, Certifications and Workshops

Coach training programs, workshops, seminars, classes and courses for life, wellness, health, fitness, sports and nutrition coaches

The coaching industry is fun and rewarding. It begins with education and training which gives you real-world application and strategies for your career success, and the personal success of your clients. True success comes from mastering your niche as a coach.  Fortunately, the Spencer Institute, NESTA has the training, certifications and degrees you need to reach your professional goals. You can operate your coaching business in any way you like.  Contrary to popular believe, there is no government regulation for coaching someone. There is no government body who dertermines which curriculum is required, and there is no accreditation that one must possess to become a certified coach in any niche.

It's just vital that you have the skills, ability, tools, resources and strategies to help your clients succeed and reach their goals. Our network of coaching education courses give you everything you need inlcuding business and marketing systems to ensure you help the maximum number of people, so you can make the biggest positive impact possible.

You can select a niche, combine niches, or specialize in 2 or more niches. We can help you in the following coaching niches: Life, holistic, wellness, health, fitness, nutrition, corporate wellness, design physchology, sports hypnosis, exercise science, lifestyle, weight loss, sports and many others.  Simply click one of the images below and explore your options.  Be sure to provide your primary email address above so you receive your FREE resource guide.